Paid Annually
  • Unlimited Site Visitors
  • 10 Gigabyte SSD Storage*
  • Unlimited Email Boxes
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Private SSL Certificate
  • High Availability Cloud
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Setup Consultant


Paid Annually
  • 3000 Daily Visitors*
  • 3 Gigabyte SSD Storage*
  • 15 Email Boxes
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • Shared SSL Certificate
  • High Availability Cloud
  • 24/7 Email Support


Paid Annually
  • 100 Daily Visitors*
  • 1 Gigabyte SSD Storage*
  • Email Forwarding
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • High Availability Cloud
  • Community Support
  • * :domatic Green Data Policy: Storage on our BlueARC Solid State array is very expensive, and consumes electricity.
  • * All data stored must be used for your site, storage of static media content, such as music, is not permitted.
  • * Visitors are estimated to require 1mb of bandwidth per visit or 1Gb per 1000 Visits



Industries best real live 24/7 Technical Support Department (?)

Count on seasoned pros who are ready to help you at a moments notice. Have questions about developing on PHP, Setting up software or compatibility questions? No problem, our techs are located right on site at our US datacenter's. Call us anytime, at :domatic, to discuss technical issues or get help with configuring a database.


One Click Installation, dont know how to code? Wordpress, Forums, are a click away. (?)

Inside the (Cloud CTRL) web control panel, hundreds of preconfigured applications are ready to use, click one of the available packages and it will auto install. You simply login to the application (wordpress) and start blogging. (VIew a list) of available applications and we are always adding more.


100% Compatible cloud, we speak your language. LAMP (Linux,Apache,Mysql,PHP) (?)

Our hosting community counts on the latest open source software and a secure environment to host their sites. Our server techs love their work and are constantly updating and running security checks to ensure servers are compatible with the latest technology, and ultimately your site cannot be hacked or used for spam.


Extremely fast and reliable cloud storage is our key ingredient. (?)

We spared no expense, the BlueARC (tm) SSD Solid State storage arrays deliver record breaking performance. Utilizing next generation 6GPS technology gives a response and feel not usually found in cloud hosting environments. No moving parts is not only way more reliable, it saves energy and heat inside the datacenter.


Flexible bandwidth, no more worries, 99% of our clients never run out of it. (?)

Our policy is simple, we will not charge you for overages in bandwidth, our backbones are gigantic. If your traffic should spike for a month and put you over your limit, bandwidth will be taken out of the last months unused "rolled over" bandwidth. If you should go over the soft limit for 2 months, we will suggest a new plan for you or allow you to purchase dirt cheap bandwidth from us. Either way you will never receive a huge bill.


High Availability and secure backup. (?)

To prevent downtime of websites, we use a technology called (HA) High availability, or "Self healing cloud". Should any node fail or experience hardware trouble, a healthy node will automatically launch the servers and services immediately. This eliminates big outages commonly experienced with web hosting. We also take backup very seriously, all accounts are zipped up and storage on secure backup arrays. Backups can be downloaded, or restored from backup at any time.